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Children follow their own individual schedules for feeding and sleeping in these rooms.  Diapers are checked at least once an hour unless a child is sleeping.  Children are not left in soiled or wet diapers; they are changed immediately.  When the children are not eating or sleeping, they will be involved in play.  An information sheet will be sent home daily informing you of your child’s activities and/or supplies needed.



These rooms offer a program of play, learning activities and music for children one to two years old.  Children in this area must be walking, eating table food, using a cup and moving to one nap a day.  A well-planned program of play and learning activities, as well as development in self-feeding and basic self-help skills, is provided.  Parents will receive a sheet of daily activities and/or supplies.

Two-Year Olds:

In this area, teachers begin potty training and, depending on the child, should be fully potty trained by late winter/early spring. Abeka curriculum is taught, as well as, fun songs and center play. In addition, active outside playtime is given twice a day, weather permitting. For nap-time, they sleep on a cot up to 2 hours. Library times are assigned to each classroom. Children put on a Christmas and End-of-the-Year performance for their families. Parents receive a daily sheet notating the child's day.

Three-Year Olds:

Children continue their Abeka journey in this area. Center rotations begin being practiced. Children attend library once a week. Outside play is given in this area,as well, twice a day, weather permitting. Instructional (teaching) time is crucial. Students get put on an every day routine in order to enhance their learning skills. Children put on a Christmas and End-of-the-Year performance for their families. Parents receiver a daily sheet notating the child's day and what the child is learning each week in class.


Our Pre-K classes learn the essentials needed to further their schooling career. Abeka curriculum is administered. They continue to receive outside play twice a day. They also attend library once a week. Instructional time is even more crucial in this area. Children put on a Christmas and End-of-the-Year performance for their families. At the End-of-the-Year performance, each Pre-K student graduates and gets a certificate for their accomplishments. 

Phone: (337) 478-9241

Address: 3400 Texas St., Lake Charles, LA, 70607