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 About Us 

 Infants (6 weeks to 11 months): 

Our tiniest students at Glad Tidings Preschool will follow their individual schedules for feeding and sleeping, and our teachers are happy to receive assistance and guidance from parents.

It takes our students and teachers a little extra time to get to know one another in this classroom, which is why we designate some of our sweetest and most loving caregivers to our Infant Room. 

Diapers are checked at least once an hour, unless he/she is sleeping. 

Children are never left in soiled or wet diapers, as our caregivers change them immediately, whether during or outside of a routine diaper check. 

Age appropriate infants will be involved in play and activities to help develop their gross and fine motor skills. 

A thorough daily communication sheet is sent home with each infant regarding daily activities, feeding schedule, nap schedule, and diaper changes recorded throughout the day. 

Toddlers (age 1 year - 2 year-old transitional age): 

Toddler classrooms offer a program of play, learning activities, and music for children one to two years of age. Children in this area must be walking, eating table food, using a spill-proof cup, and moving towards one nap a day.

Our Toddler teachers offer a routine, daily schedule of independent and group play, as well as incorporating and encouraging self-led developmental skills with regards to feeding and communicating, with age appropriate guidance.

Parents will receive a daily communication sheet with detailed information on the individual child's activities, diaper changes, eating schedule and intake amount, as well as times and length of nap(s) during their time at school..

Two-Year Old Classroom: 

Let the potty training begin!

Our two-year old teachers assess a student on their first week of school and set a goal for the child to be fully potty trained, usually by late winter or early spring, based on the individual student and assistance from the students parent(s)/guardian at home (it takes team work).

We begin to implement the Abeka curriculum at this level to set students up for a successful and progressive learning journey that will help provide them with the basic skills they will be required to have to advance in their school aged years. However, we continue to keep each classroom exciting by incorporating music and center-play, with teacher guidance on social interaction.

In addition to the traditional classroom setting, active outside playtime is given twice a day, weather permitting, and students are carefully supervised on their specified two-year-old playground.

Nap time is scheduled once a day, for up to two hours, and a teacher is present for the entirety of the time; children are never left unattended.

Library times are assigned to each classroom based on the Librarian's weekly schedule available monthly

(currently, our Library is located in the East Wing Facilities and under construction). 

Parents receive a generalized daily sheet of students activities.

 Three-Year Old Classroom: 

Children continue their Abeka journey providing they meet all of the required milestones to move into the three-year-old classroom. Teachers begin providing direction on center-play rotations, simplified time management, and appropriate social skills with regards to their age level. 

Based on the Librarian's weekly schedule, each classroom will attend library once a week. (currently, our Library is located in the East Wing Facilities and under construction).

 Twice a day, weather permitting, our three-year-old classrooms will be able to get out all of their extra energy on their own playground, in a designated area provided just for their age group! 

Although play time is an absolute necessity, our teachers prioritize traditional and modern instructional time to ensure children are constantly and consistently learning in every moment throughout the day. Glad Tidings teachers provide routine daily schedules to help improve educational quality and individual learning skills.

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) will receive a generalized informational sheet communicating what the student is learning during the week, and report daily activities, nap time and length, as well as their overall mood/emotional state of the day.

 Glad Tidings Preschool Program: 

Our Preschool Program is dedicated to providing students the essential skills they will need to advance into Kindergarten! Preschool teachers at Glad Tidings continue to use the Abeka curriculum through the remainder of a students educational journey with us. Abeka's preschool curriculum prepares students for a lifetime of acquirements through a traditional approach of instruction and learning, cross-subject integration, and a variety of hands-on activities! 

Preschool students enjoy recess on their designated playground twice a day, and visit the Library (currently under construction) once a week for out-of-class activities and  social engagement.

Preschool students graduate and receive an award upon completion of the program at the end of the spring semester.

 Glad Tidings Preschool 

 (337) 478-9241  

 3400 Texas Street 

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