Sense of Security and Warmth

For the last six years, both of our children have attended Glad Tidings Preschool. From the moment I walked into the school’s doors during a tour, I felt a sense of security and warmth. The staff at Glad Tidings has been a pure blessing to our lives. My children have grown physically, mentally, socially and spiritually from the guidance provided by the teachers and staff there. The teachers go above and beyond to make the environment in the classrooms fun, educational and an extended home. My son and daughter are their family and when they succeed, they cheer, and when there are bumps along the way, they are there to pick them up and assure them God is right by their side. I look forward to talking with the staff and teachers in the mornings. They brighten my day with the little details of my child’s day. From quirky behavior to amazing milestones achieved, they are my only link to the time my children and I spend apart. When my kids run up to their teachers and give them great hugs, my heart swells with emotion knowing they are in a good place, and they are loved. I can’t say or express it enough that my family is their family. And for that, we are truly blessed.    

–Shonda and Chris Manuel

Loving and Christian Environment

Glad Tidings Preschool has always provided a loving and Christian environment for both of my children. As a mom, Glad Tidings has given me confidence that has allowed me to go to work each day without any worries that my children are well cared for. Thank you Glad Tidings staff for providing excellent care for my family!    

–Ashley Miano

We Love The Structure

Both of our girls started Glad Tidings Preschool around 6 weeks old. Our oldest daughter is now 5 years old and in kindergarten. Our youngest daughter is 3 years old and she is still attending Glad Tidings Preschool. Our family attends Glad Tidings Church and has for many years. We truly have an amazing church family at Glad Tidings Church. We knew not only from our association with Glad Tidings, but also hearing of the preschool being voted #1 preschool in this area for many years that we wanted our children to attend Glad Tidings Preschool. We love the structure and curriculum that the preschool offers. All of the staff and teachers are by far some of the best I have ever seen. Both of our girls are very well educated and in my opinion a step above many children their ages. I think it is very important to get your children the best head start in education before they enter public or private school. Glad Tidings Preschool is definitely the place to start! Glad Tidings Preschool has proven and will continue to prove themselves to be #1. My husband and I would definitely recommend the preschool to anyone.

–Melissa Derouen

Phone: (337) 478-9241

Address: 3400 Texas St., Lake Charles, LA, 70607